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Library Links – A series of ongoing posts whose content is pretty self-explanatory. Library Links will include anything and everything from the ALA Code of Ethics to using Second Life for long-distance meetings. This series was motivated out of a need to keep track of library articles read in pursuit of an MLIS degree as well as things stumbled across in personal time reading about libraries. Most posts will include comments regarding what’s posted.

Libraries in the Mainstream – Hot library-related news stories, mentions of libraries in television and movies – whatever catches our attention. Tips on Libraries in the Mainstream we may have missed are ALWAYS appreciated :). Just post a comment or contact us using the box at the right.

Theorist’s Corner – These will be long-form papers regarding a variety of information science subjects, with sources cited in APA format. Book reviews will be posted at Theorist’s Corner for the time being. We won’t be offended if you skim. This category has been removed. It’s boring. -H

Blog of the Month – Pretty self-explanatory. Blogs included will cover a wide variety of subjects.

Just for Fun – Just for Fun. These won’t be posted all the time, but on the occasional holiday we might have a YouTube video or playlist for you.