Libraries in the Mainstream Banner

How exciting! Wednesday night’s episode of Glee featured not only a mention of “library research” AND a brief discussion about homeless people and public libraries, but even a scene set in the school library itself. Granted, the episode was about defacing Glee Clubs’ yearbook pictures, but libraries were featured just the same. Here are some pics and quotes (sorry about the resolution):

“I’ve done a little library research.” – Kurt, spoken before opening a pile of yearbooks to illustrate why a Glee Club photo should not be taken

Kurt: Shortly after the yearbook came out, he had a nervous breakdown. He’s now the homeless man who sleeps in front of the public library.
Quinn: Patches?
Kurt: Patches.
Blond cheerleader: He rags on my mom.

Later in the episode, Rachel (pictured above) makes a trip to the library to review the 2008 yearbook, in which she made a point of joining every extracurricular activity to practice posting for any future paparazzi she may have to deal with. Ah, Glee. Here’s a link to the latest Glee episode, “Mattress,” on Hulu.