Libraries in the Mainstream Banner

Two things I love, strike that – three things I love, all in one place: libraries, public broadcasting, and Rachel Maddow. 😀

UPDATE: 12/29/09

From TPMDC Morning Roundup on December 28, 2009 :

Bush Library To Hold Photos, Cowboy Hats, Gift From Pope, And Saddam Hussein’s Glock
The Washington Post reports that the George W. Bush Presidential Library, set to open in 2013, will include all manner of political artifacts of his administration, as well as the lavish gifts that a president receives: “Included here are 68 million pages of documents, a surfboard, 175 million e-mails, countless cowboy hats, 3,845,912 photographs, Stan ‘The Man’ Musial’s autograph, gold and silver swords, handmade quilts, diamond jewelry, cowboy boots, classified files, a gift from the pope and the 9mm Glock pistol that Saddam Hussein was armed with when he was rooted out of his spider hole in Iraq.”