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Everywhere I look today, all I see are books and bookshelves! Not that I’m complaining. Earlier this evening, as I perused my Greader, I read a post about bookshelf organization from Craft. They were linking to a post by Tina Barseghian, The Wallflower blogger at the San Francisco Chronicle. In her post, Tina expresses a desire for bookshelves beautifully color-coordinated and arranged, like this example.

The problem, at least in my house, is that I have a heck of a lot more than books to keep organized. I’ve got a small 16mm film collection, LP collection, DVD collection, trinkets, throw pillows… oh, and books. In her blog, Tina does mention having lived in a 500-square foot apartment and needing bookshelves for more than books. My point, in this rambling, disjointed series of sentences I’m calling today’s blog, is that I want to have all of these things together, and visible, on my shelves. I already work in a library where necessity states that it’s all books on our shelves (except, of course where we have our AV materials and special collections).

Organization vs. Aesthetics: Is there common ground?

The great thing about a home library is that there are no catalogers and circulation minders keeping our collections in line. We can do whatever we want, from organizing our books by the color of their binding to arranging our collections by item type, genre, subgenre, whatever. Can you tell I’m not an aspiring cataloger? Here’s my living room and our uniquely arranged entertainment materials, all on Ikea shelving. Sorry about the image quality, I used my iPhone :/.

The House: The Library at Green Theatre

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