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More and more lately, fodder for this blog has been found in Google Reader’s new-ish “Recommended Items” feature. (Another cool, new feature they added in late October was the “Sort by Magic” feature.) If I’m understanding correctly, Greader’s Recommended items are based on items you’ve shown interest in in the past. It’s a cool feature, but you can get lost in it for hours at a time. All of my heavily addicted Greader Sharebros are constantly lamenting the hours they’ve wasted in Recommended Items land, however, their shares are getting much more interesting.

Google Reader Help Forum discussion re: disabling Recommended Items

Speaking of blog fodder (blodder?) the whole reason I’m posting today is to share the coolest laptop sleeve, potentially ever. If you’re a bibliophile, this one’s for you. Twelvesouth is currently selling something called the “bookbook,” a laptop sleeve designed to look like a book and designed specifically for Macbooks. These cool dudes come in red or black, in 13 and 15-inch sizes.

Thanks to Madebygirl for inspiring these Library Links. She’s also got an Etsy shop, which has a print that I’m going to have to buy.