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In honor of my new tattoo, I thought it might be fun to show off some of the best library tattoos I’ve found on the internet.This post is actually somewhat overdue 😉 as my tattoo is nearly healed by now. My public library tattoo is my third tattoo and is located on my upper right arm.

When searching for examples library/literary tattoos online, keep in mind that some of the results will be a little NSFW. I won’t include those here. As a note to anyone’s body art I’m including in this post, let me know if my citation of your photo is in any way unsatisfactory. I’m still searching for the best way to cite photos in a blog.

Tattoo 1
Flickr user: audramelissa


Flickr user: woogapdx, whose tattoo is actually an image from a Wyoming Libraries campaign

below from blog.8bitlibrary.com



Click here for other great library/literary tattoos.

Inspiration for my library tattoo - click image for source

My new tattoo

This post is dedicated to my love of the internet.

Tattoo artist: BT at Splash of Color

Pic taken for the Flickr group