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Stitches illustrationThe graphic memoir Stitches by David Small, a nominee for the National Book Award, is a fantastic and gripping read. for more information on the story, check out this website or any of the following links.

Not being from the publishing marketing world, I won’t embarrass myself by trying to compare and contrast things I know nothing of. Instead, I want to share what appeals to me about their marketing strategy.

Why does Stitches need an online marketing strategy?

It’s not your traditional graphic novel. I’m no expert, but I get the impression that the marketers assigned to Stitches knew that they had something unique on their hands. The book is full of amazing illustrations (as you’d expect coming from a Caldecott Medal award winner) and has an amazing story to share. I’m glad the book’s marketers didn’t just rely on award buzz to promote Small’s work. Here are some of my favorite Stitches promotional elements.


The PDF-sharing website, Scribd, was used to share the book’s first 23 pages, a great way to rope in potential readers.


First great social media marketing move re: Stitches: their Vimeo account. (Vimeo, like YouTube is an online video sharing site that tends to be used more by video professionals rather than amateurs. Read a great comparison of online video sharing services here.) The folks responsible for marketing Stitches chose to use a Vimeo account to share this cinematic graphic novel in moving form. If you’re unsure what I’m getting at here, just check out this video:


Last, but not least, the Stitches website rules. This post is getting long, so check it out for yourself.