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September is National Library Card Sign-up Month, and in honor of this great library marketing opportunity, I thought that The ‘M’ Word – Marketing Libraries would be an appropriate Blog of the Month choice. Their posts are a great place to find library marketing inspiration.



Quick note: With my wedding looming under 6 months away and with library school graduation next August, I’ll be honest with you, readers. Blogging will happen less that it used to until next summer. Sorry about this.


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LIS News is one of those blogs I struggle to keep up with. They post such a volume of good, library-related content (duh) that reading every post is a daunting task. I can’t even imagine curating all of it. That aside, LIS News is a great blog to subscribe to if you’re interested in really keeping your finger on the pulse of the library and information science world. They’re on top of pretty much everything. Enough said.

Full disclosure: My Ignite Lansing presentation, “The Library: Not What You Think,” was featured at LIS NEWS a couple weeks ago.

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Has another month gone by already? This month’s blog of the month is one to which I subscribe and find constant digital marketing inspiration from. You know a blog is worth the time it takes to skim its RSS feed (I ain’t gonna front) when, on a regular basis, it articulates a way to deal with your latest conundrum before you can.

Social Media IconsThe really nice thing about Nonprofit Tech 2.0 is that non-profits who are new to the social media game can keep up with the content on this blog and those who are old hat on the web can as well. On a given day, you can read something about the most common mistakes non-profit Facebook admins can make or whether to invest your limited resources in an iPhone app or a mobile website. Long story short, I really like this blog.

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Blog of the Month is a feature I’ve admittedly left, shall we say… hanging since I began Book Mobilize. Well, no more! Blog of the Month is back with a vengeance and more closely resembles the kind of blog I hope to have one day than any other blog I read. David Lee King blogs  several times a week about social media, libraries, digital media technology, even dealing with problem library patrons. When I stumbled across this gem while writing up an annotated bibliography about social media in libraries, I was floored. His blog made this young library student realize the importance of utilizing the specific social technology your patrons use to interact with them. I can’t say enough about this blog. Read it for yourself.

David Lee King has even written a book, Designing the Digital Experience, which is also worth the read!

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